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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 14, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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those shorts that didn't fit your husband pete anymore. to pay him back i took care of his flowers for him. happy valentine's day. >> carley: wow. >> todd: i picked these myself. i went to the farm and snipped them off. >> carley: long stem roses. you didn't buy these, did you? it was definitely sarah. thank you, sarah, our executive producer. "fox & friends" starts now. >> what is your message to people who want to be able to resume the lives that they remember? >> i think they should be careful. if they're not careful. >> stunning revelation from john durham's investigation. >> hillary clinton's campaign paid to spy on donald trump. >> there are people that did go to jail. i think america is fed up with this. >> u.s. warns russia could invade ukraine at any time. >> we believe major military action could be day only days away. >> talking too much and doing
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too little. >> they know it's not true. texas will never turn blue. [cheers and applause] >> burrow trying to keep it going and incomplete. >> rams were built to win the super bowl and they have sealed the deal. ♪ we are the champions my friends and we'll keep on fighting to the end. >> steve: good morning, l.a., it's 3:00 in the morning. you have been up all night long because your team, the rams, are the champions. you beat the bengals. the final 23-20. you know what? we had an nfl expert from fox on, i think it was last wednesday who said it would be a 3 point game. >> ainsley: i thought about that last night, too. they are going to change the hollywood sign rams house from monday to wednesday. >> brian: actually change the
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letters or put letters in front. >> ainsley: i think put in front. >> brian: it's not like a scramble. rams play at home their leading halftime 13-10. when the bengals came out and did what they did it, seemed like it was back to kansas city again when they came back in the second half and ended up holding kansas city down to no points and they advanced to the super bowl. they come out with that long bomb and all of a sudden they are up. you will see the rams come back cap a 79-yard drive. really two people on the field. the quarterback and cooper cupp. >> ainsley: over and over. he won the mvp award. his wife went no labor during the game and grabbed his daughter behind the scenes and taking her through the tunnel and running out high fiving everyone because he was going to visit wife who was delivering little boy. >> steve: there was a moment in the first half in odell beckham
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jr. went without a knee injury. he had been the spark plug. >> ainsley: he was crying. >> steve: he wanted to in the game the whole time it walls not to be. the l.a. rams denied the bengals. i was kind of hoping that the bengals would do it because they never have won before. you are always pulling for the underdog. in the end. after the there he goes. odell, absolutely. you know, i the first quarter was a little boring but then it picked up there were some pretty good commercials aches ains so close. taylor rapalo. he was on the team. here is he or not team he takes a knee and proposes to his gerald and she said yes. >> steve: that's different than -- the time during the halftime performance when eminem took a knee. that's a little different. we will talk about that. first let's talk a little bit before the actual game. it was nice to see and we're going to go to the national
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anthem, mickey good nighten, the whole country was united. and all the players were united and the people in the crowd were united and she just get belted it out and it was really great. >> ainsley: it looked stunning. that blue dress she wore it was classic. there she is, beautiful. everybody stood up. >> brian: everybody stood up. nobody took a knee. so hopefully that was done. we will see the did hands the roof is closed like a big roof. >> steve: couldn't see because of all the masks. >> brian: most people weren't wearing masks thankfully and most of the celebrities weren't either. talk about that in a second. i thought it was a real positive event. first time in 30 years back in california because the raiders and rams left within a year of each other it used to be a perennial event. the san diego chargers used san diego left for los angeles. they get this game 7: 3 o they
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get the party, turn over cars, whatever makes them happy. >> ainsley: the lady who sang the national anthem african-american country singer up for three grammies in black history month and a black woman gets to sing the anthem at the super bowl. huge moment for me and black people and i want to represent that in the best possible way that i can. >> steve: the halftime show was brought to you by our friends at -- first time hip hop halftime dr. dre, lamarr, snoop dogg, mary jay blige 50-cent. showed up upside down. as you can see right there. the stage was actually a series of small, what looked like store fronts that was an homage and there is 50-cent starting upside down in the club. the "new york times" said this was certainly the most bleeped halftime show ever, but it was what eminem who was -- there is
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mary. eminem toward the end of his performance one of the final entertainers during the halftime show. why did he take a knee exactly. according to puck news. according to the nfl told him no, you can't do it. afterwards we saw him do it in the rehearsals and he did it anyway. >> brian: whatever. let's not make him the story taking a to me. i thought he was great i thought hip hop was great salute to a brand of music that emerged in southern california many people say. urban environment. and dr. dre and people can appreciate where they came from and perfect sell way. dr. dre along with him really helped like brand that type of music. and i think the people really appreciated it. and snoop dogg had controversyh. they have kind of buried that
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and didn't talk about that at the end. so halftime took place. i thought it was very interesting. the bengals kicker went -- field goal kicker went out mcpherson and actually watched the halftime show. i have never seen that before. if i was a coach i would want to strangle him. get back in the locker room. >> steve: he never went in the locker room. >> ainsley: i wish female performers. a lot of men. mary jayne was the only woman. >> brian: never thought about that. >> steve: the la youth orchestra did b. 20 musicians most of them wearing mask. feature performances. keep in mind, did you not have to be vaccinated to go to the show. all spectators there is mary. all spectators, too, had to wear a mask while inside the stadium. as you can see right there. the youth or committees strarks all those performers inside were wearing a mask. so if you go in.
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every to wear a mask regardless of vaccination you don't need to be vaccinated but a negative covid test before. that was clear, everybody inside the stadium. >> ainsley: was supposed. to say. >> brian: they weren't. >> ainsley: a lot of zits were seen jay-z. >> brian: look at that, you have the adults singing in front and the kid orchestra is all masked up. absolutely a joke. i mean, that to me is emblematic of exactly the idiocy that is going on with this whole. is ben affleck wearing a mask? i can't tell. jennifer lopez hard to tell. emmet smith he is really worried about covid-19, isn't he? but if you have a kid over. please but the them in bubble wrap and put them in a mask. >> ainsley: even the maher mayor eric garcetti seen not wearing a mask. people are saying our kids have to wear masks tomorrow when they go to school.
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there is supposed to be a mask inside the stadium. leaders are the ones telling us have to wear a mask. there is garcetti without a mask. >> brian: was he holding his breath? i cannot tell. >> ainsley: the entire game. >> brian: he did. he held his breath. hopefully he will will be able to survive. as long as he held his breath as he promised. >> steve: rules do say protocols include mandatory mask requirement inside the stadium everybody over two regardless of vaccination status. you could take it down briefly if you were having a zip of water or eating one of the $75 hot dogs. >> brian: there is video of a 3-year-old changing a birth certificate to go under 2. if we have video of that because they didn't want to get -- we don't have it? what a shame. because were they checking ids for 2-year-olds to make sure wearing mask? do kids try to plead their way through the security guards? >> steve: did a 2-year-old go to the super bowl that would be
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epic. >> ainsley: late night for 2-year-old. in denver schools no longer requiring students to wear masks february 26th. in your neck of the woods, schools no masks starting march 7th. >> steve: serve talking about how the super bowl had a hollywood ending with the l.a. rams coming and winning ultimately. this is hollywood hypocrisy right here. l.a. city. okay if we are going to do it sofi stadium everybody has got wear a mask. as you could see right there. nobody was wearing activist that. the president was asked by lester holt a couple of days before the super bowl about the masks, about freedom, stuff like that. and he had this observation about what is going on in the country where he is commander-in-chief. >> many of those people won't be wearing masks, despite the local law in los angeles. what is your message to people who want desperately for this to be over and to be able to resume
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the lives that they remember? >> well, look, um, i love how people talk about personal freedom. if you are exercising personal freedom, put someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy, i don't consider that freedom. people should get the shots. we know the shots work. we know they work for the kind -- for the, um, the -- available or that we are dealing with now. i just think they should be careful. and if they're not careful themselves, at least think of their children, think of, you know, their families. >> brian: you want to be 5% safer, you can wear a mask or 2% safer judging by what country did the study because we don't do those studies and the president barely awake at the end of that interview was able to say some of the things get back, come on, what are you thinking about? the other thing the president is forgetting what really ticked
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people off and made them wonder and question was that omicron did not scene from you getting and spreading omicron which they told you it did last july. started getting and vaxxed and boosted your symptoms are less, really? how do i know? would it have been worse if my runny nose have gone worth worse would i have not go to the hospital. hospitalization rates going down in all 50 states rapidly as predicted and projected by israel, u.k. and south africa. that would have been people okay i understand that. we are all disappointed that omicron wasn't stopped by vaccine and booster. shouldn't have focused on the symptoms were less even though i didn't tell that. science has led many. we believe this is the last variant. instead he sits there and says the same thing. almost as if he is unprepared for the interview, which is true. >> ainsley: the relation don't make sense at all times more at risk can take their masks off. but the kids in school still have to wear them. >> brian: my prediction is the children will be suing us.
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every child will be suing us on nickelodeon. >> steve: what? >> brian: shortly offer 12. >> steve: why? >> ainsley: over 100 million people just watched a totally normal football in a packed indoor l.a. stadium of 75,000 fans with almost no one in a mask. how does any parent in the country send their kids to school in a mask tomorrow. it's child abuse, he says. >> steve: this morning as you get up and remember those images of all those celebrities last night in hollywood at the big super bowl and they are maskless as you put -- if you are one of the parents that has to put your child in a mask today, just remember that image. because it does seem like some hypocrisy. doesn't it? we are going to talk to ben watson and herschel walker on this program a little more than an hour from now right here on "fox & friends." >> steve: all right. meanwhile, there is other news, coming up, chaos in the air. the unruly passenger who forced the plane to divert to kansas city.
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>> ainsley: plus, it was always russia, russia, russia. now hillary clinton's tweets resurfacing after the durham probe finds her campaign paid lawyers to link trump to russia and donald trump's reaction after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala.
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>> we are back with your headlines, 11 people stabbed in broad daylight by knife wielding bmx righter in ballcarrier, neww mexico. police do not know the motive.
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police moving protesters away from the ambassador bridge between canada and the u.s. allowing it to reopen late sunday but ottawa remains gridlocked as demonstrators continue to stand against covid restrictions. overnight canadian prime minister justin trudeau holding emergency meeting with his cabinet as the freedom convoy protests continue. an american airlines flight from los angeles to washington, d.c. makes an unexpected stop? kansas city after a passenger tried to open a door to the airplane. flight attendants say the crew and other passengers helped subdue the unruly individual. law enforcement met the flight in kansas city and took that passengers into custody. my goodness. and for the second straight day. a pga player makes an ace on one of golf's most iconic. >> since last ace francisco in
3:20 am
2019. ryder set off the party. ortiz? how about it? [cheers] >> there did you go making a hole in one at the iconic 16th at scottsdale on saturday sam ryder scored a one on the hole. those are your headlines, guys, exciting stuff. >> steve: what are they throwing out there? >> carley: beer cans. >> some of the guys too many off their shirts. >> a lot of sports news today. >> thanks, carley. will. >> meanwhile 20 minutes after the top of the hour. you might have missed this if you weren't watching fox or reading the "new york post" or the daily mail for the most part durham probe only spent $3 million close to 30 million from the mueller operation. the so he slowly but surely john durham sun everetting entire things that are one revelation after another but suspected by donald trump all along that the hillary clinton campaign, with some very familiar names, most of all is marc elias and jake
3:21 am
sullivan, went ahead starting in july of 2016, started to infiltrate into the trump campaign to push forward a scenario that donald trump and russian banks and the russian government were linked together. and should donald trump become president, i assume they wanted voters to think they would be linked to russia. the whole russia mayorive always caught the president, had him flabbergasted. i don't know what you are talking about with russia. now we know why the president was flabbergasted. it seems as though the evidence release that there was absolutely no link to russia. it was all literally trumped up, pun intended because they were able to get a cyber team into trump's campaign and, get this, trump's white house. >> ainsley: this is unbelievable. the clinton campaign paid lawyers to infiltrate the trump tower servers and then later the servers at the white house. unbelievable that they did this and this is not a bigger story and not being covered by other
3:22 am
media outlets. >> brian: yet. >> steve: they paid an internet company to take a look. you know those stories about how it has been revealed that there are servers at the trump tower that are communicating with russia to make it look like donald trump was in bed with putin or something going on. what we know for sure is on friday john durham, who you know, he is not one of these guys who goes in front of the cameras and says okay, this is what i'm working on. he has -- and that's pretty much the only picture we have got about him. because. >> ainsley: only one we see. >> steve: he pretty much works behind the scenes at the department of justice. i have heard from people, the fbi and elsewhere that he goes to work every day. he had a filing on friday. it was a motion related to potential conflicts of interest in connection with the case of hillary's lawyer -- hillary clinton lawyer michael sussmann. michael sussmann, have you heard him before, his name, because he has been charged by the fbi with
3:23 am
lying to the feds. because he said when i gave the fbi this information about how this was all working with the computers at trump tower talking to the russians, i was not working for hillary clinton. well, as it turns out of john durham knows he was working for hillary clinton and was being paid by hillary clinton. so between the lawyer and this internet -- we only know of it as internet company number one right now. john durham was revealing the potential conflicts of interest as the court case proceeds. >> ainsley: jake sullivan who sour national security adviser back then adviser for hillary clinton's campaign. this is what he said. computer -- this was october of 2016. right before the election. computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russian-based bank. >> brian: sounds terrible.
3:24 am
>> ainsley: secret hotline may be the key of unlocking the history of trump i dos to russia. >> brian: think about this, he is writing a novel and then reporting on the novel as if it's revelations. so he is saying because he made it up. and then he reports on it as if he is reading it oh my god let me tweet this out. hillary clinton, now what we just told you, that's right the foundation, she knows all about it and then she tweets this out in october. do you know weeks away from the election. it's time for trump to answer serious questions about his ties to russia. now the bottom line is, she went on to say trump, this is trump on the durham probe revelation after he has read what came out, knowing that he said they wiretapped my phones. do you remember that? they wiretapped my campaign? everyone said what is going on? president-elect trump is losing it. wiretap my campaign. hillary clinton camp wiretapped my campaign. what's going on here. donald trump finally got solace in that report on friday what
3:25 am
hillary clinton and the rats levied democrats did with respect to spying own a president of the united states even while in office is a far bigger crime than watergate. i agree by w. that by the way. insult to the republican party but far greater insult to our nation. think about this, they jeopardized our relations with another country who is now slowly but surely morphed into a starch enemy again. russia. because they everywhere unhappy that they lost. and wanted to make sure that he didn't finish his one term. >> ainsley: she is rubbing -- runningagainst him. the money trail back to her campaign paying people to infiltrate his server. then, when he becomes president. >> brian: nuts. >> ainsley: the white house server. what does that say a about national security. this shoud be extremely illegal. she was running against him. >> brian: jake sullivan is still in power right now. he is the chief adviser to the president the united states. >> ainsley: national security adviser. >> brian: he is the one telling us about these apparent war
3:26 am
drums beating in u.k. he is the one taking credit for the worst -- for the worst military debacle in american history he says was a big success, that this is his brainchild. how is this guy still in office? >> steve: well, here's the thing. it started obviously as a political dirty trick. we know dirty tricks happen all the time in big campaigns. this one, however, was never supposed to be revealed because, you know, the they are so would be out there hey, donald trump is talking to the russians, look at the server information because i just read about it in the paper and i saw the tweets from jake and hillary so it must be true. remember, she was projected to win so none of this ever would have been revealed. but at the 11th hour, donald trump wins, they continue the narrative. remember the steele dossier? not real. the story about the russian server? not real. it was a dirty trick that has now morphed into a terrible blot
3:27 am
on america's history. because it was a made-up story that ultimately wound up getting the president impeached. >> brian: do you know what i'm heartened by? they did a poll and they asked democrats do you believe clinton should be questioned over the russian allegations democrats? 44% in october 2020 said yes. in january 66%. look, i don't see any president obama link to this and remember president obama is the one who picked up the phone and told hillary to acquiesce you lost. call him and told him you lost, concede. so i think this is a clinton brainchild that is sullying possibly anything that president obama accomplished. i don't know if vice president knew about it or what they were a part of it. can you picture this and just so you know not to get too confusing. the way we understand it, we don't know the name of the cyber company that infiltrated yet. >> steve: internet company number 1. >> brian: we know they had a government contract to do the work they did to have the
3:28 am
access. so that company was allowed to be in there and provide cybersecurity or cyber service. somebody got to that company and had them work against our sitting president for a defeated foe once he was president. please wrap your head around that and ask yourself if watergate was only covered buyer fox, would that be okay? this is as big as seems something even bigger than that because this happened during a campaign in which richard nixon won 40 plus states against mcgovern. think about this, this is a razor's edge and campaign cyber didn't exist back then. now you have a president by another party. >> ainsley: he tried to tell lesley stahl in that would you have this was all going on this. will show you how low they will stoop to try to win an election. and everyone is wondering will she get away with it somebody needs to be held accountable. >> brian: was the fbi a stooge to this and cia?
3:29 am
i have no idea or part of it? that's going to be the biggest key were they sitting here going hey, thanks for this information. this is big. i better go investigate. oh thanks for that or were they helping to get that information to destroy trump? >> ainsley: let's talk about what's happening in ukraine. more than 30,000 russian troops staged rice right outside of urng. >> brian: that's more than they thought. top u.s. lawmakers are set to receive a briefing briefing on the information later this morning warns all measures to leave ukraine immediately. >> steve: lucas tomlinson is an american and is he actually on the ground in kyiv. this morning. lucas, what is it like there? are people david because the western reports are it could happen any minute now. >> that's right, steve. that's what the pentagon is saying. that's what it's believed president biden warned you were means in that phone call over the weekend.
3:30 am
walk in the streets in kyiv feels very relaxed hear the church belings behind me. hear the hammer behind me. people are conducting their business like you would expect any european city or any city back in the united states. should russia launch a full scale invasion here i spoke to a member of the ukrainian parliament. he says if russia launches that invasion martial law will likeliable declared in ukraine on "fox news sunday" pentagon spokesman john kirby explained why sanctions hadn't been hut in already. >> i mean, if it's a deterrent and you use it before the aggression is made, or the transgression is made, then you loads your deterrent effect. you know, if you punish for is something that they haven't done yet, then they might as well just go ahead and do it. >> president biden spoke to urken president zelensky yesterday one day after biden spoke to russian president putin. the two leaders agreed on the importance continuing to pursue diplomacy and deterrence to n. response to russia's military
3:31 am
build-up on ukraine's borders. senator lindsey graham said. this i would like to hit him for the provocation and have sanctions spelled out very clearly what about to the ryu pell and his oil and gas economy i think that's what's missing. we are talking way too much and doing too little. >> we await a visit by german chancellor here in ukraine to meet with president zelensky because the german chancellor goes on to moscow. some say last ditch effort for sure, guys. >> steve: last ditch. that's not good. lucas, thank you very much. live report from kyiv. >> ainsley: we are going to have dan crenshaw coming up on the show after the 8:00 a.m. to talk about the situation there in ukraine. unvaccinated americans fighting to keep their jobs as vaccine mandates are sweeping the country. so, should we remove the restriction? our next guest says yes. why the says it's time to follow the science. ♪
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that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense. and a head up display. [whistle blows] [horn honks] they're here. hit the field. warm up. you brought all these players in your buick. -yup. -that's so you. it is. there's a buick that fits your life. because at the heart of every buick suv is you. >> brian: across the country unvaccinated people have to fight for mandates basic freedoms not just in canada but in our nation. our next guest is a doctor
3:36 am
following the science who says the mandates are no longer necessary. dr. joel zenberg joins us now. you wrote about this in your op-ed. what brought to you that conclusion? >> well, you know unvaccinated people risk their own lives they shouldn't risk others by getting infected and infecting someone else. and secondly there was a concern that if you had large numbers of covid patients you could overwhelm the health system. the reality is those justifications have largely disappeared because of the evolving pandemic and now in the age of omicron so what you have seen is while vaccines were very effective interrupting transmission at the outset. each successor variants less
3:37 am
effective. omicron really the effectiveness is quite low. secondly, this whole need to flatten the curve has largely disappeared. we know the percent capacity of icu beds is basically within the sort of normal range that we saw before the pandemic. you have falling covid hospitalizations in all 50 states. and with the exception of a few local hospitals, they are neither at capacity nor even close it -- and finally, you know, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to impose mandates in a population that's highly protected because of vaccine immunity or because of natural immunity that results from the recovery from covid. so i think it's really time to reconsider these mandates before you start firing essential workers like policemen, firemen, and teachers. >> brian: , who by the way, were the first ones, who were the ones told you have got-to-work
3:38 am
anyway. we don't know where the pandemic is from. we have no vaccine or therapeutics. keep working. stop asking. now that we have all those things if you don't get vaccinated you are fired and doing it by the thousands. if 4,000 could lose their jobs this week. firefighters, too. we don't have any nurses watching us at home right now. they are needed in hospitals but can't because they are not vaccinated even though they have natural immunity. you mentioned, too about emergency rooms. i wouldn't know this because i'm not in the medical field. normally emergency rooms are between 57 and 82% full. that's a successful hospital. so, when people say you are almost up to capacity, yeah, that's called monday. that's called every day. right now only 18% of new york hospital beds have covid patients in them. doctor, when do we get politicians out of this and let the medical community speak for practically the right thing to do. final thought? >> well, the reality is that the politician have not followed
3:39 am
the. theatrics. i think they now have to just look at what the facts are and the facts are that, you know, we don't have a situation where the vaccines are really accomplishing what they are supposed to be doing so. they have to reconsider this. and they are just going to make things worse by having essential workers be out of work. and unable to care for the people that never supposed to be caring for. >> brian: i hope people are listen to be you. talking about being practical. we need help in hospitals and doctor offices. doctor, thanks so much for your perspective. >> thank you. >> brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. will a blue wave hit texas? aoc thinks so. >> turning blue is inevitable. inevitable. she got a big crowd. george p. bush says hold your horses. he is next. exclamation point. ♪ all right now.
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>> texas turning blue is inevitable. [cheers and applause] inevitable. it will happen. the only question is when, texas. >> steve: there you have got new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez calling for a blue wave this november in texas. she was rallying for progressive candidate looking unseat one of her current democratic colleagues. is that really going to work in texas? let's talk to texas land commissioner and attorney general candidate george p. bush who as you can see right there joins us from austin. george, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> what do you make of aoc going down to texas to campaign for a democrat who is squaring off against another democrat who apparently wasn't progressive enough for her? >> well, as is the case she is
3:45 am
all hat no cattle as we say in texas. she promised everything under the moon and star in providing a false hope to liberal progressives in our state but it's going to fall on deaf ears. the democratic party is no divided than ever. what that means for republicans like myself is to encourage texans on the first day of early voting by the way clean-up is today, to get engaged in the process and understand that socialists are trying to bring their ideas to our state. look, look at one of the attorney general candidates in our race on the other side of the aisle. they are suing the state of texas to prevent us from enforcing criminal trespassing claims. we have others that are part of the defund the police movement. one of the other candidates that aoc supported here in the city funded our police with over $200 million and last area we saw the rate of homicide exceed any other recorded year since they have been doing this since 1962 in austin. so, these ideas are dangerous.
3:46 am
and it's laughable to many but i'm reminding my fellow republicans if we don't get serious about this, the state could turn more blue, especially in races where we don't nominate the right candidates, including my race. >> steve: one of the candidates is a woman by the name of jessica cisneros. she was a brooklyn immigration attorney until just a couple years ago and then she went down to texas to start to run. lost her first race and now is running against henry cuellar a democrat, a famous democrat. but henry has had some trouble recently. we broke the story couple weeks ago how the fbi was at his house. that's never good for somebody. >> that's correct. and let's let the legal process play out on henry. but henry has been good for the oil and gas industry. he has been solid on securing our borders texans secure
3:47 am
borders back our law enforcement. ' reduce the amount of violent crime and human trafficking and fentanyl that's pouring over our side of the border. and so, this should be a bipartisan issue. but then you have socialists come down to texas lecturing us how to record our own values and that's just not going to work four ostate. >> steve: well, of the whole idea of the aoc trip was to energize texans. here we are talking about politics. george p. bush running for a.g. down in tx. george, thank you for joining us live. >> good morning. >> steve: good morning to you. all right, it is valentine's day. let's check in for your lovely "foxcast" with janice dean and the fox weather forecast. >> janice: yes. so it's snuggle weather across the northeast where it's 19 and feels a lot colder than that across chicago as well. the upper midwest. but south of that front is where we have the warmer temperatures. warmer than average for the southern plains.
3:48 am
look at texas. dallas today is 70 degrees. 74 on wednesday. and then thursday still warm but we have got a front. a very powerful cold front that's going to move through on wednesday and bring not only the threat for strong storms but even severe weather for parts of texas up through oklahoma. so the southern states need to watch out for perhaps hail, damaging winds and some tornadoes on wednesday and thursday. and then where it's cold. we're going to see the snow. there is not snow through friday, certainly from the rockies through the central plains up towards the great lakes. so there is the severe threat as we get into wednesday and thursday. keep you up to date fox weather. download the map for the latest details. happy valentine's day to you, steve. >> steve: thank you j.d. >> janice: you got it. >> steve: l is for the way you look to at me. o is for outlaw in the hilarious valentine's day special you don't want to miss coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva.
3:52 am
>> ainsley: rams winning first super bowl in 22 years. people are talking about so much mover than just the game. todd piro joins us live with the top moments. >> todd: a lot going on off the field. many reacting to celebs not
3:53 am
wearing masks at sofi stadium. eric garcetti not wearing his mask again. holding his breath. kanye west did wear. what the heck is that? antoni grow brown wearing a full black face cover. kanye took instagram by storm feuding with estranged wife kim kardashian and pete davidson. are a the game l.a. wide receiver van jefferson rushing out of the stadium to be with his wife who was in labor. whether a day for him. rams taylor asking his girlfriend to marry him after the game we hear she said yes. good for them. not clear if the new baby or the proposal fueled the excitement in the olocker room but the rams, of course, certainly celebrating after their stunning and exciting win. a lot of fun there, guys.
3:54 am
back to you. >> ainsley: thanks so much. todd. looking for a way to spoil your outlaw ex this hollywood. al set of limited edition platinum breakfast, free transportation with a chauffeur and much more. the executive director of the haze county crime stoppers sergeant jeffrey jordan joins us now. good morning, sergeant jordan. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning. how did you come up with this idea? basically you turn in your ex, tell us where they are located and you get all of this for free, right? >> yes, ma'am. so, laredo crime stoppers had actually took this idea from odessa crime stoppers and whenever i saw this, it was too good to pass up i adopted it for hayes county and put it out there and it went wild from there. >> ainsley: is it working? >> we have got a couple of tips not necessarily about somebody's
3:55 am
exs but it's generated more conversation about crime stoppers and how to make anonymous tips about crime than anything else. and to me that's a win. >> ainsley: looks like it's geared more towards the woman platinum bracelets, get glamour shots. are most of the outstanding warrants, men? >> most of them are. we have two females on our most wanted list but vast majority of them are men. >> ainsley: what are most of them wanted for? >> everything from sexual assaults to robberies threats. one was actually picked up at the end of january, beginning of february time frame for intoxication manslaughter warrants. >> ainsley: woe. do they have to give their names if they call in and give you a tip. >> no, ma'am. this is completely anonymous program and protected by both state and federal law that they call in and they give us a tip,
3:56 am
they remain completely anonymous and it protection their -- we protect their anonymity. age anonymous source so they don't have to worry about retaliation or going to court. ainsley: okay. sounds like a plan. good idea. thank you so much. sergeant jordan we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> ainsley: well, you love dan bongino. what about the woman behind the man? we will bring you their unfiltered take on love and marriage this valentine's day ♪ i love you like a love song, baby ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> todd: justin trudeau holding emergency. >> if you think blue collar trucker is your problem in your country. i think you have a problem. >> cori bush says it's time to defund the police. >> that is not the position of the democratic party. >> yes i support the defund movement. >> defund. >> defund the police. >> all these policies are pro-criminal and anti-police. >> a court filing confirms hillary clinton campaign paid to spy on donald trump. >> sources are telling us that there is enough evidence to indict multiple people. >> i liken it to water gate i see a lot of potential charges. >> new york business owners hiring dozens of security guards after seeing shoplifting spike
4:01 am
50%. >> people deserve to be safe. enough is enough. >> pass caught. touchdown. the rams were built to win the super bowl and they have sealed the deal ♪ i am invincible ♪ unstoppable. >> ♪ they knock me down. ♪ >> brian: youngest coach super bowl hired at 30. in the super bowl at 34. wins at 36. what's amazing sean mcvey talking about going to the booth that could be the last game he coaches and what they're referring to with al-michaels just said that the rams are built to win this year. they sign a whole bunch of veterans during the season and before the season including their quarterback and a lot of these contracts and they a lot of their picks. they are built to win this year. there is no necessarily dynasty on that roster where bill hemmer shut be heartened. the bengals are young tap room
4:02 am
and a hell of a lot. blowing a lead losing 23-20. unable to get a game tying field goal which have forced overtime which i thought we were heading. to say. >> steve: in addition to bill hemmer feeling cincinnati didn't win, mattress mat the furniture store guy houston on this program thursday last week. had the bengals won, he would have taken home $16.5 million. but instead, because the rams came back, mattress mac lost nearly $10 million in the game. [sighs] >> steve: sorry, mattress mat. >> ainsley: i'm sure he made a lot of the money he has promotions to buy mattress he is. the hollywood sign is going to be changed. it's to read rams house it will be up until wednesday. >> brian: first time the super bowl back 30-plus years. los angeles got football back in a big way with the chargers
4:03 am
moving up los angeles and coming back would be the rams. and the raiders went to las vegas. at one point be they all had left of the city. and the cooper cupp. small college, big in the biggest moment. 79 drive. didn't see they were loads. we might as well do it. four minutes left on the clock. and they went to the reservoir. their super star odell beckham was their second source seems to have a serious knee injury. >> cooper was crowned the mvp at the game. congratulations. end of the game. before things got started, it was a stirring rendition of the national anthem. through history we have seen so many great performers do a good job, do a bad job. last night mickey guyton, the country star was fantastic. united not only the players on
4:04 am
the field the players up in the stand but the nation with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. >> ainsley: she looked so pretty. everyone stood up for it which was nice. wearing gorgeous blue gown. kept taking shots of our soldiers in kuwait a flyover they couldn't see in the stadium because it was covered. it's beautiful. always something that is just a wonderful way to start off the super bowl. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: controversy as you know, ainsley over the last three years. >> ainsley: a lot of people weren't going to be watch because of that. they haven't been watching the nfl. >> they all stood for this one that was great. of course didn't have any signs of the pandemic. i thought the whole thing was relatively upbeat besides looking at children who were masked celebrities weren't. didn't see a lot of the pandemic talk which you saw last year. hip hop back through the times. dr. dre one of the founders was there it was produced by jay-z
4:05 am
snoop dogg on top of what seems like a series of doll houses and they went wave after wave after wave. 50-cent wasup side down as looked down there he was. i'm not sure if that was a trick. >> that's based on the video in the club. and then on the top of the store fronts, one of them was, there you have got mary jay biological, eminem made some headlines because during the festivity he did kneel with his hands on his head and to be a show of solidarity and colin kaepernick knelt according to puck news, apparently he was told don't do it by the nfl. but then ultimately the nfl says hey, look, we saw it in rehearsal so we knew it was going to happen. >> ainsley: they said they were aware he was going to do that. there were a lot of super bowl ads. one of our favorites the brothers in real life showed how they train and went on to become big winners in the paraolympics
4:06 am
game. >> brian: one of them is blind. >> ainsley: they showed his diagnosis and him crying in front of the mirror when he got the diagnosis and how his brother helped him. a tree coming up to help him navigate the past. here is a clip of that. >> you are doing it. >> brian, we have found that you have a condition known as star bart macular degeneration. at this time there is no treatment. >> push, push, push. >> we did it. >> steve: brian, the brother, lost his vision at 19. macular degeneration. so he and his brother robin trained for years. and i do believe the promo said they won something like 8. >> ainsley: 10. >> steve: 10 medals, the key was they did it together.
4:07 am
>> ainsley: team work. this was our favorite. i know this was brian's favorite was this your favorite larry david commercial. crypto commercial. >> steve: never wrong. >> ainsley: age i call it the wheel. >> meh, i don't think so. this is a miss. >> top 4. >> i got right here. >> like i was saying ftx safe and easy way to get to crypto. >> meh, i don't think so. i'm never wrong about this stuff. never. >> in the commercial he said the wheel is not going to take off. the toilet, the fork, the light bulb. >> steve: america. >> ainsley: man on the moon? it's too far. >> steve: and also living in new jersey. a lot of people during the pandemic became familiar with the so he plan anies hbo max played the whole series again a lot of the people saw that one of the landmark ads last night was we actually saw an update
4:08 am
done apparently by david chase, the guy who directed the original series, i thought we had a clip, apparently we do not. >> we will show it to you later. it does answer that final scene of the sopranos about was everybody killed in the family? as it turns out, two revived. we will show ains ain't siblings reconnect in the parking lot. >> brian: also a coin based ad. crypto, i guess, was "the big story." one of the controversies was they kept the qr code up and the whole thing crashed which makes sense. you have 100 million people watching so people probably download the qr code unable to withstand. hopefully they got it up today coin base. >> ainsley: 6.6 to put the qr code on the screen it failed. steve: i had to watch it had to be just 15 second spot. but a lot of people wouldn't have thought about it. but about 35 seconds into it i realized, wait a minute, you are supposed to get your phone out
4:09 am
and i scanned it and had i entered i would have gotten $15 worth of free coin base stuff and a chance to win $3 million. their app. did crash briefly. they are back up. >> ainsley: dolly parton made appear appearance. after indicated doughs from new mexico. one with seth rogan and paul rudd lace potato chips. that was strange. marries a scary lady. >> steve: barbie house. roofless world of real estate people outbuilding. >> ainsley: i really like her. >> brian: talk about halftime show and the game itself. ben watson played for the patriots as well as the saints and herschel walker wants to be the next senator from georgia didn't play in the super bowl but knows what it's like to play edges extremely high level. couple of things that were going on over the weekend.
4:10 am
they did have sunday shows all except meet the press because of the olympics. nancy pelosi lead guest with george stephanopoulos talked about law and lack of order with what's going on with law and order. remember the police reform. remember the problem with the cops. that has all changed as crime is ravaging and raging almost every major city and the ones where it isn't a lot of times co-mingling that is the rise of the homeless population many of which are mentally ill and certainly proven to be a lot violent. when asked about the defund the police movement. the speaker of the house realized that was a good term two years ago. not so good today. listen to this. >> cori bush, congresswoman from missouri is defund the police sticking by that you are the speaker, how do you think democrats should address rising crime. >> with all the respect in the world for corey ghawsh is not the position of the democratic party. community safety, to protect and defend in every way in our oath
4:11 am
of office and explain my colleagues from new york richie a brand new member of congress way on the left saying that defund the police is dead. that causes a concern with a few in our caucus. but, public safety is our responsibility. >> steve: so public safety is their responsibility. but you look at the headlines. you know, there is just a crime wave. here is a story about a woman who was stalked and this person apparently following her on surveillance wound up killing her in her bathtub. there are a lot of problems there. that's why. >> ainsley: he followed her out of her cab and lives in chinatown and went into the building. so scary. >> >> steve: he had been out for an evening of fun and this creep follows her in and kills her. >> brian: long list of crimes. violent crimes. i think 30. and not only that he shouldn't be out but the bail laws allowed
4:12 am
him to get out and add on top of that big fight bloody stabbing match which sadly this cripple lost and then they tried to get out and they found him hiding under the bed homeless. so, your heart goes out for the homeless, be nice, give him a quarter, give him a dollar. yeah. a lot of them every time you show a lot of compassion there. there is so much mental illness and violence on the streets now. you have to keep walking. >> ainsley: how about the lady she let the homeless guy come into her apartment to take a shower and then he slit her throat. >> steve: told that you story last week on tuesday on the west coast hey, do you have a spare barack obama bring in the homeless people. >> brian: yeah, that makes sense. >> steve: homeless people were not seen around sofi stayed yum how they all got shuffled around. >> brian: they got condos. >> steve: the point is with this crime wave going on, it was so extraordinary for cori bush of the great state of missouri to talk about defunding police. she doubled down on that.
4:13 am
but nancy pelosi said we don't stand for that but, when you look back other the last couple of years, there are a lot of democrats who are pushing to defund the police. would you like some proof? exhibit a. >> not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. >> talking about the reduction of our nypd budget and defunding the $6 billion nypd budget. >> so, yes, i support the defund movement because this is about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested. >> i am for defunding the police. >> defund the police does not mean abolish of the police. it means that a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities. >> brian: let them walk that back in new york city where crime is ravaging, where shoplift something commonplace.
4:14 am
>> ainsley: even after the super bowl. they were breaking into a jewelry store. >> steve: walmart is wiring up steak. it's that bad. >> ainsley: nancy pelosi says there are a few in our caucus that -- there were like 6 in that soundbite right there of people saying they want to defund the police. >> steve: absolutely there are more. >> brian: what are they doing to gang them. i gave you money, on the $1.9 trillion aid package when i got in office the presidency says you can do what you want. that ♪ ear morning money for the police. believe me, the police and their families know which party has got their back and which one is stabbings them in the back. >> so yesterday when nancy pelosi said it's not the position of the democratic police -- democratic party to push the defund police, she should have added today because as we just saw, it was in the past. >> ainsley: they realize that narrative was not working for them. >> steve: why is that? leo says it's all about
4:15 am
politics. watch. >> all their policies are basically pro-criminal. and anti-police. what you saw there that montage, represents the heart and soul of the democratic party. they do not believe it's n. supporting the police. and nancy pelosi her comments to george stephanopoulos. i could honestly take her statements in a court of law and convict her of perjury. they have supported defunding the police in the last three years. ever since the george floyd case. so, it's just straight up lying. lying. and the public, laura, will not forget this in the midterms. >> brian: mayor of new york city is going up to new york state albany today and he is saying two fellow democrats get rid of the no cash bail. a democrat telling democrats get rid of the no cash bail. so far fallen on deaf ears. >> ainsley: the one that said it's dead on arrival? >> brian: don't even ask. until their home gets ransacked. their relative gets stabbed to death. i guess it really doesn't hit home. it is nuts that a democratic
4:16 am
mayor can't get through do a democratic lentil lay temperature. new york is doomed. >> ainsley: leo is right. >> steve: those democrats feel their jobs are secure. if they were in one of the swing districts or their jobs were in peril, they would be singing a different tune. >> ainsley: leo is exactly right. look at alvin brag this woke d.a. that we in new york. pro-criminal no. cash bail, you commit a crime, it's a revolving door. you get right back out on the street. >> brian: made up some story that he grew up in some hell hole. meanwhile he went to all private schools and graduated ivy league. >> ainsley: multimillion dollars house. youngkin, pro-parent. what matter is working for you? >> steve: that's ultimately what people will be deciding come november. meantime talk about news and talk about what's going on in washington with carley. >> carley: that's right. happening today. top lawmakers on capitol hill will be briefed on the rising tension between russia and ukraine. u.s. officials more than 130,000 russian troops ready to invade ukraine day momentens notice.
4:17 am
president biden promising swift and decisive action. if russia does choose to invade. but the white house has no progress to report after an hour long phone call with vladimir putin over the weekend. a doctor who reviewed bob saget's autopsy says his head injury was consistent with a baseball bat attack or 20 to 30-foot fall. the actor's injury throughout his entire skull and fractures above his eyes. the full house actor's death in a florida hotel room last month was ruled an accident. but a doctor reviewing that autopsy says his injuries are not consistent with a slip and fall. questions certainly remain there students at the university of chicago demanding the school give $1 billion in reparations to the city's south side over the next 20 years. in an op-ed, the school student newspaper says, quote: the university has been an active participate in segregation, red lining, and supporting
4:18 am
developments that work isolate the university from its neighbors. and love is in the air this valentine's day and so is a scent of french fries. new perfume the recent national survey found 90% of americans find the smell of french fries irreresistable? what do you think about that, guys? >> brian: i don't think about that. i think about valentine's day and here you go. here you go, steve. there you go. >> carley: that is so sweet. these are beautiful. >> brian: we're saying happy valentine's day but we know we're not dating. >> carley: thank you for clarifying. >> steve: ainsley, here you go. as you can see i was stopped at the light this morning. >> ainsley: thank you. >> carley: these are beautiful. >> ainsley: we will have to get
4:19 am
them the french fry cologne. bacon for you. >> carley: unisex. >> steve: anyway. today is valentine's day. wear something red and pink. brian did not get the memo. are you wearing pink or red today when we got on set. >> brian: i don't know you were supposed to dress like the holiday. >> ainsley: yes, saint patrick's day is coming up. >> brian: i will dye my hair. so much for russia, russia, russia. the durham probe revealing the clinton campaign find link donald trump to moscow. former deputy national security and national security adviser k.t. mcfarland must be outraged. she was on the trump campaign and briefry in the administration. she reacts after the break. ♪
4:20 am
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4:24 am
include nonpublic and/or proprietor internet base. what is nonpublic proprietary data mean? it means hacking and spying. they hacked not just trump power but the white house after trump became president. they hacked the white house. these people who pose as defenders of democracy. how is that even possible? >> steve: or legal. john durham's stunning revelation revealing the clinton campaign paid infiltrate trump servers while he was candidate link to try to find ties to linking him to russia. 2016 tweets promoting the now debunk theory like this one where she insisted it's time for trump to answer serious
4:25 am
questions about his ties to russia. k.t. mcfarland served as national security adviser under trump and author of "revolution" she joins us right now. k.t., good morning to you. >> good morning. happy valentine's day day. >> steve: indeed. so, when hillary clinton is tweeting it's time for donald trump to answer these questions about the connection to russia, there weren't any. we know that now. these were an invention and a fabrication of her campaign and internet company number one. >> yeah. i mean, here's what was happening. they were infiltrating the trump campaign, thinking they were going to find evidence about russia. when they didn't find any evidence about russia. they made up the story anyway and pushed it to the press. but it didn't just stop with the campaign. it then continued on as the drum beat continued on in the press of russia, russia, russia. once they lost the election.
4:26 am
they were already setting things up to impeach donald trump. >> steve: right. exactly. ultimately donald trump the first time was impeached for, you know, russian involvement or something like that. going back to this fabrication which never actually happened. so, it's one of those things like why did we waste all this time? clearly it was a dirty trick that got out of hand because she was supposed to win. we never would have found out about this. >> yes. suppose to all be buried in the bureaucracy. i got two big take aways from the recent revelations number one, what was role in the united states government in all of this? did the united states government and intention community, were they in on it? did they know about what the clinton campaign was doing and then later after the election and in the inauguration, what did they know? and then finally, i have got a big question about the role of jake sullivan played. he is currently the national security adviser. the guy who is in charge of
4:27 am
dealing with the afghan withdrawal, with the negotiations with the chinese, the with the impending crisis with ukraine. and, yet, he was the guy whos watt main guy who spun and made up this fake news story and then pushed it to the press. is he ever going to be held accountable? >> steve: that's a good question. on right now there is a story by brook that says former dni chief john ratcliffe met with john durham a couple times says there is evidence in the intel community to support indictments of multiple people. so while john durham is revealing potential conflicts of interest, vaguely talking about the case. it sounds like the more we learn the more rot then story is k.t. why is fox and the "new york post," why are those the only two spots talking about this? >> well, it's because all the other media was in on the con. they were all in on it. they were the ones that did russia, russia, russia.
4:28 am
they destroyed my career. my reputation. cost me, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees with the mueller investigation. the media don't want to touch this because they are complicit in it. they don't want to to be called before a grand jury and say where they got the fake story and why they continued to peddle it. >> steve: let's see what happens because it's obviously not done. k.t., thank you for joining us on valentine's day. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. 7:28 here in the east. still ahead, l.a. rams sean mcvey makes history as the youngest coach win a super bowl. >> those guys did a great job. they took over that game. so happy for these players. world champs, baby. >> steve: we have got nfl legend ben watson and herschel walker reacting to the big hollywood ending last night in hollywood. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
night. >> ainsley: but ottawa remains gridlock as prosecutors continue their stand against the covid restriction. >> brian: it's crazy. grady trimble sister network fox business is here with us. hey, grady. >> hey, good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. yeah no, signs of letting up here if you look down the road you can see trucks as far as the eye can see in front of parliament. it's quiet here now. the morning after the super bowl and the morning after what i can only describe last night as a block party. there were djs, music, food, and you can see these folks are in it for the long haul. this truck mailbox right in front of it with a makeshift address of wellington street which is right in front of parliament. and they are sending a message not just the truckers but thousands of people who especially on weekends come out to support these truckers. and they have placed their signs here go truckers go. no vax pass. mandate freedom. you see it all out here from
4:34 am
folks out here. there are reports that the prime minister had an emergency meeting with the cabinet. the mayor has reached a deal to get out of residential area. that only means steve, ainsley and brian more truckers on on parliament. hill. what that looks like still to be determined. >> brian: a lot of drama up there grady, thank you. >> ainsley: thanks, grady. >> steve: could see more mailboxes. >> ainsley: l.a. rams winning the super bowl in the final seconds. >> steve: his team denies the bengals of its first ever franchise win. >> i'm so proud of this team. so many guys on our team that deserve this. so many great players, guys that have just given heir hearts and soul to this team. guys either playing in this game or not.
4:35 am
the game today is the story of our season. >> brian: here to react ben watson and herschel walker both from ga. what did you think of the quality of the game and were you reliving some of your super bowl experiences watching that. >> good morning to all three of you first. and happy valentine's day. definitely was an exciting game. i was a bit worried in the beginning because of how many great playoff games we have seen this year but this game definitely led up to the hype. at one point i was a little worried in the first half when the rams took the lead. you sought bengals come back and how about that championship drive by matthew stafford. 15 plays. 79 yards. caps it off be mvp of the game cooper kupp. qb 1 matthew stafford has himself a super bowl ring. >> ainsley: he wasn't the only
4:36 am
one from uga. leonard floyd also. what was your reaction? >> well, i was excited about it because, you know, there was two guys that even though they was on the practice squad with the bengals. it was such great game in the closing seconds bengals had an opportunity. the fans had great time. it was great watching on television. and i was excited. i'm glad for matthew. i have known him since high school. it was a very, very well played game. >> steve: ben, what about -- i'm sure you saw it was a 75-yard bengals touchdown ultimately led to it. but there was a questionable -- there was no call on it when joe burrow threw to tee higgins and as it turns out, he grabbed the face mask of mr. ramsey and people were -- why wasn't that called? obviously should have been taken back. but it never was. and the bengals got to score.
4:37 am
>> i definitely have have a sore spot in my heart for non-calls being that i was on the nawrls back non-calls nfc. referees sometimes they miss calls. it's unfortunate but the way the game was being called by them they were not throwing the flag very much until that last part of the game the last few seconds of the game. only about three penalties in the entire game. was that unfortunate an player you try to do anything to do separation. that was missed call by the nfl something they have to answer for. >> brian: sean mcvey even though the youngest coach to ever win the super bowl. >> ainsley: 36. >> brian: 36. youngest one hired there are reports he is going-can you see that? >> i can see it the guy knows football. that was what so great about it as i said early on, that was a great game. being the youngest coach win the s sh and do the things he has
4:38 am
done with that team there i think everyone has to be excited about it i'm happy for the rams and bengals as well. i thought joe played a great game. he is going to be in many other super bowls. instance a ains benjamin, i understand today is the first podcast with your wife and y'all are going to be talking about valentine's day. tell us more. >> brian: are you in support? >> yes we are. we are relaunching the podcast today on access more. and people can check it out on apple or wherever you get the podcast. podcast marriage, parenting and faith. first episode is about valentine's day. my wife told me we're not going to celebrate valentine's day. celebrate me 364 other days of the year i listened to her. the first time i didn't get her flowers on valentine's day. she was feeling some type of way. man, listen to your wife. make sure you have some card flowers in the back pocket just in case. >> steve: that's right. when my wife woke up this morning 6:00 there were two dozen roses on the island
4:39 am
waiting for her. so you are talking today, ben, about how to buy your wife flowers for valentine's day, right? >> exactly. get your wife flowers. look, it's a $24 billion day this valentine's day americans are expected to spend $24 billion. so, valentine's day is important. but, man, keep the spark in your love store and the point is that we make on the podcast is it's not just about this one day. there are 364 other days for your spouse. >> brian: herschel you worry man'sing georgia. you want be the next senator from georgia. how is it going. >> it going well. i am going to be the next senator for georgia. i'm out working and my people are out working. we are in this to win it like the rams won the super bowl. herschel is going to win the senate. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us for the post game show. >> ainsley: thanks, guys. tell your wives happy
4:40 am
valentine's day day for us. >> you got it ains you are welcome. >> steve: american officials warn russia could invade ukraine any minute now but ukrainians say the hybrid war has already started. our panel of former navy seals running for congress will discuss coming up. ♪ this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing.
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wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪ >> brian: february 16th. >> warning of imminent russian invasion. leaders say the hybrid war has become with russians using cyberattack. false bomb threats to undermine the country. next guest served or not battlefield now running for congress ryan zinke is running for montana's brand new second district. brady duke 7th second district. and eli crane arizona's 1st district.
4:45 am
let's start with you zenky, do you think the u.s. has the right stants stance, give the ukrainians arms, provide some people actually soldiers and troops for our nato countries, specifically poland and romania. do you like that response? 2,000 inaugural not that much. drone technology would be avenue and gives russians a second thought but instead we send shoulder fired weapons k-9 04,000 and shoulder fired rocket is a lot less than that in range. i don't think we are doing what we can economic sanctioned into the much whether nato is not aligned as we see. and last point is that russia is very, very good at psychological operations of rouging and
4:46 am
probing and long territorial aspiration peninsula they see us as weak and they goal for it. >> brian: brady, looks like 130,000 russian troops. 80% of the russian invasion force is in place. scenario where they don't invade? >> i don't know. i don't think that's in their playbook. they are definitely preng to invade. they are shing us signs as zinke said there is psychological warfare taking place preparing them at the step onto the battlefield in ukraine. and step on to the battlefield with a force that has been weakened psychologically. the question i think we should be asking here is the united states in a position to be ready to defend from these types of attacks. meaning that this type of warfare that's going on we saw it last year with the colonial pipeline and what that had done to us. i think the american people want
4:47 am
to know if the president is actually seeing that their interests are in his mind and i don't think that that's what they're getting. >> brian: eli, you don't beach we should be there. you don't think that's our concern, especially with our southern border? >> no. absolutely. as somebody born and raised in -- i can tell you that a lot of us are really disappointed to see this administration getting ready to send more american blood and treasure halfway around the world to protect another country's border from a possible invasion when we actually have an invasion going on right here on our southern border every single day. now that invasion might not be russian tanks but i will tell you what, it's fentanyl, it's opioids, it's ms-13 gang members. it's human sex trafficking. and oftentimes -- sometimes it's even terrorists who are on the watch list. and so that's something that we want to ask the president hey, mr. president, what about our southern border? why don't you care about our southern border?
4:48 am
>> brian: he never answers that question. but it does -- democracy is definitely going to be trampled on or steam rolled maybe in a matter of days if we are to believe the latest report. check this out congressman zinke. this message from the u.s. embassy in ukraine to u.s. citizens leaving ukraine through poland. u.s. citizens must present a valid u.s. passport and proof of vaccination. travelers are also encouraged to present a negative test result pcr negative antigen test which will facilitate entry into poland. make sure you are vaccinated and bring your own swab while you run for your life because a russian tank is behind you. >> it's outrageous. >> brian: idiocy. >> i can't think of a case doing rescue looking for vaccination cards neo vaccination it should be no surprise. they were very little help, as a matter of fact obstacle in getting our people and citizens out of afghanistan. they are not helping in this
4:49 am
case. we have sent a signal that we are weak, nato is not aligned, nato is negotiating individually in some cases with russia. i think they see this administration as weak and not going to do anything that's worthwhile so, it's an opportunity for russia to move, this is their time. >> brian: right. guys, thanks so much. sadly we are out of time. we need probably the whole half hour. but, special happy valentine's day to jen and brady to jen and eli and lola and ryan. that is the reason why you are successful in life and hope to be successful on election day. happy valentine's day to you manly men. >> thank you, brian. >> brian, follow us [inaudible] >> brian: you just said that and what about you, eli, real quick? >> eli for please go help us out. >> brian: snrin we got you, brady? >> brady we need as much ammunition in
4:50 am
fight as possible. >> brian: okay. but you came here armed with intelligence and i appreciate that. thanks to all three of you. meanwhile, i want to check in with somebody who is also very intelligent. janice dean, or fox weather forecast extraordinaire. >> janice: thank you so much. thank you to the producers letting me stay inside today 16 in new york with the wind chill it feels like 5. thank you so much. to tell you it's going to be cold across the northeast today. we'll bring those temperatures up a little bit. oh my goodness. what's happening? behind me. >> awe. >> janice: this is so kind. i don't know if my husband would remember to bring me flowers today. so i really appreciate it. >> steve: they are from sean. >> janice: i want to thank my husband and children and all of "fox & friends" staff. this is so great. thank you so much. real quick, record breaking temperatures across the west. los angeles 85. strent 76, san francisco 70. and then taking a look at our
4:51 am
next storm system moving across the west, that's going to bring the potential for some snow and maybe some severe storms. all right, did i my forecast with my flowers. i love it. >> brian: we know you are canadian by trade and i got a lot of emails show canada weather because they are all watching fox. >> janice: long time since did i celsius weather but i will next. >> brian: coming up next we talk love with rachel. >> janice: thank you. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. (vo) what makes my heart beat? ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ having everything i want in the place i love. jamaica. heartbeat of the world. let's go! there's a different way to treat hiv.
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4:55 am
>> new york city teacher came out of retirement to step in during the pandemic. she's firing back now after losing her job over the vaccine mandate. >> i think the city of new york is not moving in a very wise direction and they're treading on really some deep waters because it deals with people's civil liberties. i have 25 years plus of being a math teacher. you can't replace that type of experience in a few months, even if you hire new people. so again, not being -- >> rachel campos-duffy is here to react to this, hey, rachel.
4:56 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. happy valentine's day to you. >> thanks. this math teacher retires after 25 years of teaching, goes back to help during the pandemic and is fired on friday because of this vaccine mandate. what is your reaction? >> yeah, what a slap in the face to her. they're firing other teachers with 10, 15, 20 years of experience. she said, you can't replace that kind of experience. this is example of covid policy that is hurting our kids and we've seen it across the board. it is important to understand, she has a good excuse, she has an allergy. other women are pregnant or nursing. they are firing people undergo ing fertilization treatment. many don't want to interrupt the treatment they are under or some say they don't want to be a lab
4:57 am
rat smchlt have already had covid, they have natural immunity. you have to ask yourself, why is this happening and it is simple, there is unholy alliance between democrats who are very author tearian and enjoying this power grab. there are questionable conflicts of interest and big pharma. the person who loses is the american individual. we are losing our liberties and body autonomy. there is no reason to do this. >> she said, just test me every week if you want to make sure i'm healthy, there are alternatives to this. tell us about your podcast, you and sean at the kitchen table. it is fun to listen. what do you have on? >> rachel: this past weekend to
4:58 am
celebrate vald /* valentine's day, we went to dan bongino's house to interview them. imagine being married to dan. paula, they work together, they live together, they have two beautiful children and we got their take on what makes it work. we aired that interview on "fox and friends." we will air the entire awesome conversation on our podcast, which we're dropping today on from the kitchen table, the whole interview. both came from broken homes, rough backgrounds, they talk about how that impacted their view of marriage. it is really a celebration of love and commitment and marriage and family. i think anyone who loves dan bongino will love this podcast. i encourage you to watch it later in the week on thursday,
4:59 am
we'll drop the interview with lisa and al robertson from duck dynasty, they had a really rough marriage, almost fell apart and they put it back together with god and faith and just a lot of family love. they are going to talk about their journey and how to have second chances, even in marriage, it was awesome. we are airing that on thursday. it is a love week, i encourage everybody to check out the podcasts. >> don is coming on our show in the next hour, we'll play it, too. how about this weekend, where will you be this weekend? >> rachel: this weekend, we're leaving on thursday, with you on friday, will, pete and i to promote our weekend at the daytona nascar race. we'll be live saturday and sunday, it will be a blast, we'll have rick coming to florida with us, as well, what a
5:00 am
blast. >> ainsley: you been spending a lot of time in florida, i love it. happy valentine's day. >> you, too. >> final hour of "fox and friends" starts right now. >> john durham stunning investigation revealing clinton campaign paid to link donald trump to moscow. >> they were infiltrating the trump campaign, they made up the story anyway. >> the u.s. warns russia could invade ukraine at any time. >> imposing sanctions are off the table, is that clear? >> texas turning blue is inevitable. >> she's all hat, no cattle, as we say in texas. democrats are more divided than ever. >> cori bush says defund the police. >> i support the defund
5:01 am
movement. >> policiless are pro criminal and antipolice. >> burrow trying to keep going. it is spun back and incomplete. >> those guys did a great job. took over the game. happy for the players. >> world champs, baby! ♪ >> rams beat the bengals 23-20. of course, two-part song last night. dr. dre and snoop did that, people got a gatorade shower because it was the day they had been waiting for a long, long time. >> my heart sank for bill hemmer last night. >> he is joining us this morning. >> they didn't pull through.
5:02 am
>> they have gotten close in the past, now got close three times. you got to think joe burrow was going to do it, incomplete pass. he was pressured because as predicted l.a. front four put pressure on him late in the game. let's bring in somebody who puts pressure on congress all the time and democrat necessary continue. dan crenshaw joins us now. congressman from texas. congressman, according to aoc, you will be a blue state soon and never win another election. >> i did notice that, she came down to texas, talking about turning texas blue. she was there to primary her colleagues in the house, which never bodes well for any political party. that is what she does, texas is not turning blue any time soon because she does dance moves and trolls ted cruz. i did notice she did a dance,
5:03 am
you can't do that. number one, that is probably true, number two, not a qualification to be in congress, somebody should let you know that. texas is doing well under republican leadership. texas is turning red in the bluest area, that is what is happening in south texas and primarily because of the border crisis caused by democrats. people in texas and people across america do not want an open border. we want freedom. we want to be able to defend ourselves, to start our business easily and that is what texas provides. >> you were watching that over the weekend and watching the super bowl last night. what was your reaction, what did you think of halftime show and commercials? >> you know, commercials, there were pretty good ones. halftime show was great. the david commercial -- >> i'm nevever wrong. [laughter] >> i loved that. wish i had thought of that.
5:04 am
the halftime show, though, wow, at a throwback to us elder millennials, that is a specific generation. there is difference in upper sxhafl lower half of the millennial generation. that was our era. it is like it was built for us, we felt special, those who grew up in the '90s. i thought it was very well done, just a bunch of hits everybody liked, no messaging, just fun and entertaining and i enjoyed it. >> we'll get the ratings later this morning. the entertainers were out on the stage that was built to look like fasades in compton, in l.a., all the people in attendance unless they were eating or drinking something, supposed to be wearing a mask. we saw the celebrities, didn't see anybody wearing a mask. yet in los angeles later today, when the kids go to school, they
5:05 am
have to put on masks, unlike hollywood royalty last night at the big show. >> yeah, i think this is just increasingly frustrating for americans as the rules for you, not for me nonsense occurs. eric garcetti said he was just holding his breath. i'm sure celebrities were holding their breath the entire time. here is the thing. only virtue they have, the kind they can signal. they don't knowledge masks work or they are effective in these cases. they know peep kel go out and live their lives. they will continue to do it and not note the hypocrisy they are engaging in. >> why do they do it then? why do they say that? >> because they care. right? they want to say they care the most, care the most about covid, it is virtue signalling
5:06 am
performance that we just can't shake ourselves loose from. this is years now into the pandemic. it only gets really serious with our kids. our kids need to be unmasked, unmasked immediately. it is absolutely ridiculous this is happening. follow the science, kids don't need to be masked. >> ainsley: why are they making kids wear masks when they are not as vulnerable, yet adult consist take them off. here is an example, outside the stadium, there was a youth orchestra performing outside, masked behind the two ladies and they are singing without the masks. those kids will go back to high school today wearing masks. dans >> it makes your blood boil. kids don't need it, kids are not vulnerable in any serious way. this happens over and over again. remember the met gala, every celebrity maskless walking
5:07 am
through. to be clear, as freedom-loving conservative, everybody should be without masks when they want to be. notice how the rich got to flaunt dresses and maskless faces and all behind them were the staff, the workers working that event masked up, head down. it was a symbolic representation of how leftists see themselves as elites who can tell everybody else what to do. >> factor this in, too, with the truckers, all the commentators, how dare they push back against mandate for truckers. how dare truckers go ahead and have freedom caravan and not do what they are supposed to do, they don't understand, they are insulting the working class and there is more of them than there is of them. the question is, what happened with the disconnect?
5:08 am
>> i tell people, if you're looking to figure out the good guys and the bad guys in a given situation. here is an easy way to do it. bad guys are probably the ones trying to force others to live under their mandates. the good guys are usually fighting for universal freedoms, universal freedoms. i think it is pretty easy in this case to stand with the truckers or anyone in the working class. in the united states, our problem is with the health dollar the care workers. i introduced legislation to repeal vaccine mandates on healthcare workers. those are people we need to be standing with. they have been fired and even after they have been treating peep welcovid for years, probably have natural immunity by now like the vast majority of people do and we're firing them. stop doing things that don't make any sense. i think we've been cheering on the canadian truckers, symbolic
5:09 am
of that struggle. >> peep they'll work for a living. >> people that work for a living and provide things we need. >> it would be one thing if they were purning down buildings or flipping over cars, it has been for the most part very peaceful. congressman stand by, we want your take on another story out of washington. hillary clinton is facing criticism over tweets from debunked claims. >> ainsley: new poll shows 66% of democrats want her investigated after the latest durham shows paid for look intoing trump servers. >> they haven't commentd and most of the media is ignoring. peter, what is the story? >> the story is servers here at the executive office of the president, then trump, may have had traffic improperly monitored by someone paid by the clinton
5:10 am
campaign as recently as 2017. >> sullivan, national security advisor in charge of american national security about pending war with ukraine. >> some claims the clinton team was push og twitter read like this. number one, computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking trump organization to russian-backed bank. it is time for trump to answer questions about his ties to russia. now trump says what hillary clinton and radical left democrats did with respect to spy og a president of the united states is far bigger crime than watergate. this is insult to republican party, far greater insult to our nation and this story is likely not going away. >> we have to get to the truth. this is a threat to democracy itself. it doesn't matter which
5:11 am
political campaign or party this is. this is so wrong. there could be congressional hearings coming and it could complicate recently published predictions that clinton could plot a comeback if the current president decides not to run for re-election. back to you. >> peter, that would be predicateod this becoming a big story, you are in front of the white house, other networks have booths. have you heard other networks covering this story today? >> i have not heard that yet, i have seen a lot of people taking pictures of valentine's day decorations issue not a ton about the servers yet. >> priorities. all right, peter, thank you. >> ainsley: congressman, this is unbelievable, can you believe this? >> unfortunately, i can believe it. this is one of the worst scandals we've had in our lifetime. i don't think there is any way
5:12 am
to dismiss that fact. it is gregious, nobody is covering this. they rather cover valentine's stories. a lot we have known and suspected now it looks like we can prove it. we knew the steele dossier was used to get warrants and start the mueller investigation, waste money and divide the country and try to topple the president. it gets worse than that. they tried to manufacture two narratives here. one, we knew about, it was alpha bank conspiracy, trump organization was using bank as cutout to communicate with russians, that turned out to be bogus. now it looks like they had somebody on the inside, in charge of the dns system servers inside the white house while trump was president. somebody who could extract data
5:13 am
from that and look through it and try to spin and create, instructed to do this by clinton lawyers, instructed to create narrative that would make it seem plausibly to the uninterested, not uninterested, unquestioning media allies there was a current secret backdoor connection between the white house and putin. here is what i don't like about this, one promulgator of this echo chamber was jake sullivan. we have comments and official statements from him lay thanksgiving narrative out right before the election in 2016. jake sullivan is national security advisor, that should trouble us. he should be dragged in front of congress and answer the questions and he can't claim he doesn't remember. he said that before, he doesn't recall, how could he know, that is nonsense, he's been with clinton for a long time and his feet need to be held to the
5:14 am
fire. >> it probably started as a dirty trick during the campaign, trying to beat donald trump. ultimately, as you know, congressman issue the polls showed she was going to beat donald trump. we never would have found out but this russia, russia, russia narrative led to impeachment of donald trump. now it turns out it is all made of. where do we go to get five years back? >> i don't know if we can get five years back, we can correct the narrative and hold these people accountable. what we need to find out, who needs to be accountable politically and legally. we need to be uncovering who broke the law and how to go after them and i think now what we're seeing, where it looks like this unnam tech executive was illegally extracting data and having that analyzed to
5:15 am
create a narrative on top of that. we need to look at what laws were broken to do that and prosecute accordingly. so far, i trust the durham investigation to do just that, they have been very thorough, it has taken a long time, i continuing is uncovering a lot of what many of us suspected already. >> brian: congressman, they will have to cover another arrest. watch as dorm gets closer they will tear apart his credibility. democrats have sung his praises, watch that. number two, a contractor, contracted by the white house to do cyber work has been corrupted to use their intelligence against our own country. you might think i'm not a donald trump fan, but are you a fan of your country? you are undermining the country because you wished donald trump didn't win the election. what started as distraction from hillary clinton's e-mails didn't
5:16 am
stop. this was to get him to resign. we are in the cross fire and relations with russia are poisoned worse than vladamir putin can do and might play into what we're dealing with now, final thought on this? >> yeah, i think that is absolutely right. we continue to let ourselves be manipulated by russians, we -- media continue to let itself be manipulated by democrats. tried to spin narrative where trump was cludewithing russia. they were projecting. the steele dossier created by clinlton campaign was in collusion with russia nationals. they were actually doing what they were accused donald trump of doing, this truly is a threat to democracy. >> brian: astounding. >> it doesn't matter which party did it, they have to be held accountable. >> jake sullivan will go before congress to brief them on ukraine.
5:17 am
interesting if they ask about the hillary stuff, too. over to ukraine, they are saying sanctions are off the table right now. we won't have sanctions unless they invade. do you think that is the right move?
5:18 am
-- -- european partners and especially the germans to engage in sesanctions and going after assets like nord stream 2. nord stream 2 is important to putin, if we can leverage that, you may be able to prevent bloodshed. >> nord stream 2 is oil, we should stop them both, i am encouraged germans are going to talk to russia, they got to get
5:19 am
engaged and that is happening today. >> yeah. i think that is right. they have been a weak point this whole time. we have trouble with germans, they seem addicted to russian oil and gas, they don't want to build terminals to get our gas, it has been a problem. they need to commit to severe sanctions. putin doesn't think rationally the way we think people should think rationally, he is thinking about his legacy 50 years from now. >> brian: he wants to be known as the guy who put it back together. >> have a great week. >> great to be with you all. >> thank you. >> carley has headlines for you. >> good morning. go 30,000 feet in the air. american airlines flight from los angeles to dc made unexpected stop in kansas city after a passenger tried to open a door to the airplane, flight
5:20 am
tendants tried to -- and took a passenger into custody. the national average gas price reaches $3.49, up almost 20 cents from last month. can you believe that? up nearly 40% from this same time last year, a triple a spokesperson saying the threat of russian invasion is contributing to soaring cost and gas prices have soared over the past year. not good. over to you. >> matter of time until they have loan officers at gas stations. >> absolutely. everyone feeling it. >> thank you, carley. >> straight ahead from felon to fiark nce, four women tell nancy grace why they chose to marry convicted killers. nancy joins us next with stories
5:21 am
of love -- >> heartwarming, bring your own blood. welcome to the eat fresh refresh at subway wait, that's new wait, you're new too nobody told you? subway's refreshing with better ingredients, better footlongs, and better spokespeople. because you gotta you gotta refresh to be fresh ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:25 am
>> give libby a minute. look back and turn information in, no matter how insignificant it may seem, that might be the piece they are looking for. >> ainsley: remember those faces, a heartbroken grandfather looking for answers from the murder of libby germaine, and her friend. a killer is on the loose.
5:26 am
nancy grace joins us. we remember the faces and they never found out who did this, right? >> i think they are getting closer, inch by inch. many of us, along with the family, are very frustrated. here is good news, a guy who is posing as a teen boy online under the name of anthony shotts was arrested on child porn. he lived not far away from abbey and liberty at the time they were murdered. their bodies were found today, five years ago. he had been soliciting little girls online and i find it interesting his name came up in connection with that investigation. why did his name come up? was he in contact with them? was he messaging them? according to him, his mo was to solicit girls online for nude photos or to meet them d. he try
5:27 am
to meet them that day? is there a connection? i have information he's been asked to provide his hair. you typically ask for d.n.a. such as blood in a search warrant. hair is interesting, sometimes you can find hair that does not have a nucleus, conclusive to get d.n.a. you can try mitochondrial d.n.a., but why hair? is it connection this guy is connected to their death? his lawyer says he is not. >> ainsley: gosh, i hope they find -- glad they are getting closer. look at the pictures, it looks like little girls at a sleep over. nancy, on nancy grace investigate, marrying a murderer. who would marry a murderer? you found ladies that did that. >> yes, i did and how appropriate it is dropping on
5:28 am
valentine's day weekend. my grandmother, right or wrong, used to say a new man is like a bus, he will come along every 15 minutes. why do you have to go to the jail to find a man? i don't know. these guys are convicted of murder. brutal murder, including one of a baby girl, trinity. why would you marry him? i don't get it. >> ainsley: i don't either. i think one of them, it is her second murderer husband, right? sgls >> if you are talking about teresa roberts, she's been married multiple times and every guy is a felon. wake up and smell the coffee, woman. don't marry a convicted killer. she married cam ron leroy evans who killed a baby girl a few months old, claiming she fell out of a stroller. you don't just fall out of a
5:29 am
stroller and die. she and her twin sister issue wait for it, had multiple bones broken in their little bodies. we can laugh at these women and wonder and figure out what is going on in their head, but think how they are treating criminals, convicted killers, as if it is okay, which normalizes what has happened to crime victims. that is the twist in this. it is not just perplexing, i think it is wrong. >> ainsley: i agree, it is fascinating and i want to watch it. thank you, watch the full special marrying a murderer available right now on fox nation still ahead, last night's big game, dealing a devastating blow to cincinnati native bill hemmer, he will join us live from l.a. with reaction to the game. ♪
5:30 am
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5:34 am
news room bill hemmer, who is still at the scene of the crime. billy, you're a minute 25 away from the bengals first win and then the rug out from underneath you. >> i know. yeah. i tell you, steve, congratulations to the l.a. rams, played a great game, great season and great quarterback and receiver in kupp. losing sucks, and there is no other way to say it, we've been to the super bowl three times and lost all three times congratulations to cincinnati, they had a wonderful season and gave us thrills along the way. it stings this morning and will hurt for a while. we will leave here with our heads held high, how is that? >> steve: you know the expression, there is always next year.
5:35 am
joe burrow has got a lot of super bowls left ahead of him. >> bill: i hope you're right, here is the catch, though, steve. super bowls are rare. it is very difficult to sustain your team and avoid significant injuries to key players and go 17 weeks in a regular season and then play three in the post season and arrive at this big game. it is really hard to do. i talked about this a lot, the nfl and super bowl, like lightning strikes, you don't know when and where it is going to happen, you can't afford to miss it when it hits. only time will tell. our l.a. crew is awesome out here, they have done a great job. they were cheering so hard for the bengals, i probably shouldn't say that. they -- they were use thanksgiving bengal chain last night, the trailers out here, pulling for a victory.
5:36 am
this was supposed to be our victory chain, but it did not happy. thanks to everybody in california. >> steve: lovely souvenir, speaking of california, you were inside the stadium and there was a mandate, a mask mandate, if you're above two, and you are, unless you are eating or drinking, you had to wear a mask. i saw an image of you in the stadium not wearing a mask. how many people were wearing the mask? every celebrity was not. >> bill: it was -- this is in the cup holder or seat of the chair for everybody inside the stadium behind us. by the way, steve, amazing venue. this is what you get for $5 billion. phenomenal place to see anything, concert, football game, whatever it is. i don't know how many people were wearing them, i guess 5% maybe. i don't know if it was that high. this is an indoor/outdoor venue.
5:37 am
the time you were required to wear a mask is when you went inside the pro shop buying a suf near for the game. and besides that, they didn't enforce it, i'm not sure what the value was. i think like many americans, millions of us are confused about the meaning of this and listen, 110 million people watched for themselves last night and saw that confusion. >> steve: well, you had to wear a mask inside that building even though it is indoor/outdoor and this morning l.a. school kids go to school and will be wearing a mask. coming up in 22 minutes, mr. hemmer, america's newsroom. what else you got cooking besides talking about the game? >> i've been watching your coverage all morning, steve, great stuff with you and brian
5:38 am
and ainsley. larry elder will stop by and talk about police and crime and the covid mask mandate and everything else that goes with it and jim gray, who lives in los angeles going to talk about that russian skater in the olympics. steve, this is absurd story what is happening between the ioc, between beijing and moscow. jim will help sort that out. great two hours live in the dark of southern california. >> steve: eventually the sun will come up, you just watch. billy, thank you, sorry about that. >> bill: metaphor for cincinnati. thank you. >> steve: indeed, bill. coming up, behind every great man is a greater woman and that rings true for dan bongino, hear how it was love at first sight when he first met his wife,
5:39 am
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>> good morning. valentine, nebraska, 48 today. romeo, colorado and julie t, georgia, not a bad forecast for most of the country. flowers, new york, you are snuggling up today. a storm is moving into the west and that will bring threat of severe storms. maybe tornados, we'll be watching this as we go through the next couple days. on the cold side, some snow, that is our big storm system this week. we will bring the latest,, for the latest details. we'll have that beautiful man, too, brian kilmeade. >> brian: i'm a hopeless romantic. >> janice: i know you are. >> brian: to serious, dominated the weekend, john durham's
5:44 am
investigation showing clinton paid to infiltrate trump's servers while he was president to find links to russia, aulsz when he was a candidate beginning as early as july 2016. the probe putting clinton under scrutiny, she insisted it is time for trump to answer serious questions about his ties to russia, that she made up. unfiltered host dan bongino joins us now. dan, what is the most significant revelation that came from the durham probe to you? >> dan: two takeaways from this. that was a massive filing by durham. takeaway number one, notice in the filing, he talks about how they were spy og trump's internet activity in the executive office of the president in trump tower. it says the dns activity, websites they were visiting, it says
5:45 am
clearly, is among the internet data they abused and got a look at. he doesn't say the dns is the only thing they are looking at. he says it is among the data. what the hell else were they looking at coming out of the oval office? what else they were doing online? did people didn't have appropriate access to sensitive information, were they looking at stuff and web activity and other things and files potentially? he says among the data. most interesting part is something nobody is talking about, outside of a few folks on social media, forget the dns spying on trump, we knew that. only question is how they did it, through contract with this tech executive and their firm, right? most interesting part is clearly the conflict of interest that durham pointed out. what do i mean? obama's fixer, and his lawyer in
5:46 am
the white house, is knee dhs, got her fingers in all of this, she was susan rice's lawyer, clinton foundation's lawyer, george nader's lawyer, an accused pedophile working with mueller. she is a lawyer that works at latham and watkins, in other words, simply john durham saying to michael susman, the lawyer involved in the trump stuff and collusion, hey, man, you got a problem, these rumbler type people at latham and watson, they ain't looking out for and you durham knows it. that is the most interesting part. the tech part is fascinating, we knew they were spy og trump tower. >> brian: they didn't have proof, that is what is significant. durham is reveal thanksgiving in fundamental way for someone like
5:47 am
you, ahead thf probe that has experience. he is putting together the blocks. let me put this straight, they are going, you lied to us, you said you had no link to the campaign when we talked to you earlier. you were an interested citizen who saw concern for the future of our country, right? we find out you are getting paid by the clinton foundation, so we know you are lying. when the door closes and clint ong sits down with susman, he is going, they are stabbing you in the back. >> dan: i will walk through step by step, produce the receipts for you, that is what john durham is saying. he is saying to the lawyer, michael sushey, the people at this law firm are not here for
5:48 am
you, they will throw you under the bus and put it in a filing. >> brian: dan, we want to talk about your love story shortly. take off your investigative hat, you become the love doctor and we find out the secret to a good relationship. dan, we'll be back in a moment with a great valentine's day story, based on a true story, his. ♪ from the beginning, newday has been the mortgage company for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa. the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic responds to snoring- automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. your best sleep.
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>> ainsley: it is valentine's day. rachel and sean duffy took a trip to florida to learn about dan bongino's story with his beautiful wife paula. >> steve: bring dan back with the story. when did this start? >> dan: paula and i met just about a week before 9/11, which was obviously this really tragic moment. we met and she went to nevada to visit her mom when it happened. she worked at 120 broadway. i thought, my gosh, is he okay, we were forged in fire. sean and rachel came down and it will be on their podcast.
5:53 am
here is three minutes, check it out. >> so paula, dan, tell me about it. >> it was a blind date. >> it was very blind. one-way blind. >> tell us the story sglchlts we were talking on friday, going out on saturday. he said, if you want to check out what i look like, check out wednesday's newsday. >> i was at the u.s. open with hill ary clinton. i thought, if she thinks i'm ugly, she won't show up. my gosh, look at me. >> yes, my wednesday news day in the garbage. >> this gets great. we go out on a date, three or four dates, she's reading this book -- >> you are not supposed to find that. >> it is the picture of newsday.
5:54 am
she cut it out. >> i did. i did. [laughter] >> i only cut it out after i met him because -- because i fell in love with you so quickly, my love. >> how long were you dating before you knew, okay, this is the man i'm going to marry? >> i just knew, it was pretty instant. we took off after that. >> we had so much in common and yet we were so different. she was a westbound developer, super smart with tech and all that stuff. i couldn't even turn on a computer. she can be shy sometimes and i was like the outgoing guy, yet i'm the one in the horse who is shy and reserved and she takes charge. it is like a yin and yang. >> comp lichltary. that is how it is supposed to be. >> this was love at first sight? >> pretty much. >> you have been married how many year? >> 18. 18 years. >> what advice for a successful
5:55 am
marriage? >> i remember when we first met, we went to your grandparent's anniversary, they were dancing and having a good time, i said, one day, i want that. grandma ann came over and told me marriage is hard, nothing comes easy. she said when you get through the hard times, it will bring on happier times. i always try to remember that. >> marriage, as you guys know, it is work, man, you have to work at it. when things get rough, you got to remember the good. you tend to focus, it is all over. there were 10 million good times for the 100 or so times you are at each other's throat. >> we joke, we hear people say -- >> i think also good piece of advice, you have to date your wife, most important lesson tochlt all husbands out there, if you are having a crisis and thinking where do i get that
5:56 am
spark, remember this woman you love was once your girlfriend and still your girlfriend. worked for me and we've been better parents because of it. >> ainsley: that is really sweet, dan. >> dan: well, thank you. it was so much fun, especially talking to those two, they are friends. we go out to dinner with them and enjoy their company. it went on, it was supposed to be half-hour, it went on 45 minutes. only reason i remember, they had a flight they had to catch and the fox production crew was like, fellas, we got to wrap this up, american airlines will not wait on us, this is not a private flight, we got to go. that story is true, she told me she didn't see the newsday picture and i saw the book and she cut it out and used as a book mark and i cold busted her tochlt this day, we laugh about that. she was reading a mob book. >> that is the investigator in
5:57 am
you, i don't believe your story, give me that back. >> brian, beautiful segue from the last spot. i don't believe she didn't look at the picture. there was none of the internet data and nobody was taking selfies like they do now, what was i going to do, send a polaroid, check it out on the second page of newsday. >> ainsley: blind date until that point. >> dan: it was blind, my eyes were open when i saw her in the line to the bar. i said, what are you wearing? she said, black pants and a shirt. she was on the line outside and only one person with black pants and a red shirt and i told my friend i was with, i said, you need to leave, i think i'm good. you need to go. here is $140, go pay the cover
5:58 am
for another bar and we had a blast, that was it. >> in the last couple months, i've spoken to and your wife paula and we've come up with a new recipe for our new cookbook. when you were working secret service with the bush family, you were in argentina and fell in love with something and told your wife, i love this stuff and she figured out how to make it even better. >> ainsley: so sweet. >> dan: steve, if this is not your best-selling cookbook, i will be disappointed. the audience has asked for the empanada recipe and i said, listen, it is in steve doocy's new cookbook and we didn't get it in the last one, i was too late and forgot to get back to you in time. it is in this one and that is a true story. she found a way to make them healthy and i eat the heck out
5:59 am
of those now n. your cookbook, if it is not the best seller you have had, i will be disappointed. >> steve: that is coming out end of summer. >> ainsley: so sweet and you seem like good role models for your girls, how old are they, dan? >> they are 18 and 10. i always tell them, i try issue the best advice i heard about parenting and i'm a sinner, folks, fallible a parent, i do my best with the girls. tell your kids if they were watching themselves in a movie right now, would they be proud of the person they see on screen and i thought to myself, gosh, that is pretty darn good advice. when they screw up, i say, if you were watching that in a movie, how would you feel? pulls them out of the moment, best advice i got. >> you did okay for yourself, your advice worked out. 36 years ago today i asked mrs.
6:00 am
doocy, to marry me. and today ray and allen, our neighbors are celebrating their anniversary today. i told her, we will get married some day and she asked me immediately to leave. >> brian: bring out the tough side for your podcast. >> ainsley: bye, everyone, happy valentine's day. so long. >> bill: the l.a. rams on the super bowl champions. mcveigh appeared his team defeating the cincinnati bengals 23-20. the rams first championship in more than two decades. this morning. another day in los angeles. i'm bill hemmer. dana, i'll use my best and biggest smile for you. good morning to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." i have to say


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